MTS mobile guide for Kazan

The Fuchs Garden

The Fuchs Garden, on April 24, 1896, in 50 years after the death of famous Kazan scientist: doctor, botanist, ethnographist, archeologist and numismatist – Karl Fedorovich Fuchs, the City Duma of Kazan on the initiative of the Society for Archeology, History and Ethnography, where Karl Fuchs was one of the organizers, took the decision to perpetuate memory of Fuchs. (more…)

Sennaya Mosque

Sennaya Mosque (the 7th Cathedral Mosque, Yunusov Mosque), monument of architecture. In 1992 got its official name “Nurulla”. Built in 1845-1849-s on the project of  A.K. Loman at the expense of G.M. Yunusov  and his sons at the  Sennaya (Hay) market. (more…)

The Freedom Square

The Freedom Square (the Svobody Square) (the former Theatre Squarer).


In September 1833 Pushkin A.S. passed the square on his way to the Arsky field and Tsaritsyno settlement to gather materials about Pugachev’s Rebellion.

Hundred years afterwards the thought leaders of different periods – Rakhmaninov, Mayakovsky, Krupskaya – took the stage in the hall of the Nobility Assembly. In October 1917 the Soviet regime in Kazan province was proclaimed in this hall. These are the facts of our history. (more…)